Grouse & Woodcock Hunting
Over Pointing Dogs--A Specialty

Dawn breaks. The sun peaks over the hillside, warming the frost-covered ground. A ruffed grouse strolls along the forest floor searching for his morning meal. The wind is moving the remaining autumn leaves on the trees, ever so slightly. This is just enough for the scent of grouse to reach the sensitive nose of the faithful bird dog. The sportsmen that follow, notice the dog stops suddenly, as if an invisible hand has pulled on his collar. He is now totally motionless. You can barely see the dog breathing. Then sportsmen move towards the dog that is pointing like a granite statue. The grouse can be seen running a short distance ahead. With only one chance to escape, the grouse rises from the ground to take flight. A quick passing shot by one of the sportsmen causes the bird to drop to the forest floor. The command is given for the dog to fetch, and the dog quickly returns with the bird, delivering it to hand.

If this sounds intriguing to you, don't read or dream about it, come experience it for yourself. Call us today to arrange a special day of upland game hunting for you and your friends or family.